Martin F. Garcia of Wauconda, IL is a long-time volunteer of the United State Specialty Sports activities Affiliation (USSSA) and he is a big supporter of their mission which is to organize various sports programs for youngsters across the country.

Without the help of volunteers like Martin F. Garcia, the USSSA would not be able to connect with the youth. With the help of their program, volunteers work with the youth and teach them about the essential skills that are needed in sports. Being a member of the USSSA, he says that the USSSA is helping their athletes in showcasing their talent and help them to grow as an individual and become the responsible citizen of his country.

Before started working as a volunteer coach in the USSSA, Martin F. Garcia had earned a status for showcasing his excellent sportsmanship and spectacular athletic ability that are needed in the field of baseball and softball. By hiring volunteers like him, the USSSA programs guarantee to enhance youth performance in sports.

In 2002, Martin Garcia was a major player on the Licorice Softball team and he helps his team to win in the South Bend Indiana competition. In 2004, he played with the Miller 45’s and won in Glendale Arizona and in the same year he won 2nd Team All American played with Maxim Softball in Marshalltown, IA. In 2008 and in 2009, Martin Garcia played with team Flashback and won the championship games in Crystal Lake, IL and showcasing his athletic talent year after year.

Martin F Garcia has sponsored teams in his own community where he has served as manager for several years in the Wauconda region on multiple baseball teams. He, along with the team coaches promotes stress and worry-free participation for the youth. They treat their athletes to grow as an individual. They also treat the athletes with respect and understanding throughout their practice and game session. Thus, in this way, the USSSA offers a positive support and create a secure channel of entertainment.

Martin F. Garcia instructs youth about the baseball skills. He further teaches them about how to become a graceful player and a respectful teammate both in the field of sports and in life. Associated with the USSSA, Martin F Garcia provides a platform for the athletes by organizing competitive sports that increase their chances of getting success in education and physical fitness.

He has been playing the role of a sports manager in the Wauconda area for several years and helping baseball and softball teams. Connected with the USSSA, he and other volunteers help kids in their communities to grow as an athlete and become the respectable society member.  Martin F Garcia, along with the USSSA creates a healthy environment for the youth.

The USSSA is one of the largest providers of sports competitions, which is made possible by the participation of thousands of volunteers like Martin F. Garcia. With the help of the USSSA, youth can able to participate in competitive sports and get quality exercise in a safe and comfortable environment where they learn positive values. The USSSA endeavor to be the most visibly recognized, technologically advanced, and professionally represented sports organization in the world.