Despite the fact that modern technologies create new popular trends in the industry of hospitality, it is too early to rely on these innovations.

At the beginning of this year, there were problems with “total automation system”, used by one of the Japanese hotels, the staff of which consisted mainly of robots and other “smart machines”. Innovations, that were made some years ago, have brought constant technical problems with equipment in the workplace, complaints from guests and curious things.

For instance, one of the robots- assistants, whose duties were to answer the client’s questions and help them with searching for information, did not cope with tasks that were easily performed by “smart applications” in customers' mobile phones. And another funny thing happened in the hotel room where the robot-helper reacted on the snoring of the guests and constantly woke them up and suggested its help.

Automatic porters could not deliver luggage to all hotel rooms, and “back up traffic” in the corridors, hindering the guests’ movement. As a result, the hotel management got more and more complaints. So, they decided to replace more than a half of its 243 robots by people.

According to the hotel administration, a rapid growth of some technologies and the rate at which other technology become obsolete is the reason why a lot of programs and ICT related systems are not relevant, when the people are more reliable.

Having returned people to the workplaces, the authority of the company managed not only to solve all the problems, but could keep control over all work processes, continuing to develop the concept of automation using the hotel’s control systems.

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