Industry of hospitality is not a new branch in hotel business. However, it gives an opportunity to succeed in it. The world becomes more communicative and more people travel every year. This means that every new destination point has its own chance to develop.

The main task is to find interesting and effective ideas for the business that can provide your “place in the sun”, and be competitive in the international hotel market.

Take for example, mobile hotels –newly-designed accommodation that becomes very popular in hotel business and industry of hospitality. Taking into account the desire of guests to relax, in a City Escape, the British chain of hotels Whitbread has developed “hotel on wheels” that can be delivered to any place specified by the client. Being equipped with all modern conveniences, mobile hotels of the company, have already gained popularity, giving a chance to the customer to rest in comfort in the place that has been chosen.

Another example is unusual “creative” houses. Every year more people try to spend their holidays in non-standard way and get rich experience about it. The apartments, that seem to be off the paintings of Salvador Dali, help them with it. "Split" in half, turned upside down, located in the branches of huge trees, tilted or having unconventional forms become a favorite holiday destination for many travelers. Staying in these apartments will not only allow guests to spend time with pleasure in an original way, but also to share their impressions on personal accounts in popular social networks.

The individual style of the hotel is the following “trick” that influences guests’ attraction. Retro hotels, robotic hotels, apartments with surroundings and the atmosphere of famous blockbusters also attract more visitors.

An effective idea is city hotels with an all-inclusive system. The famous Singapore Quincy Hotel, which offers services for business class clients, is able to satisfy any whim no worse than the five-star “all inclusive” of the most popular tourist destinations. The owners have achieved this by equipping 108 rooms of their hotel with all the necessary things and modern devices. Now it is possible to get this level of service for those travelers who go on a business trip.

Of course, competent control of your business in this case is also important. It is possible to control the occupancy of the hotel, which is often located “far from civilization” and other work processes only with the help of modern technologies, take for example, hotel management system from OtelMS company.

The service, developed by hoteliers, allows you to control all the processes in the hotel, delegate authority to the staff, monitor occupancy and registration of the hotel room and contact with guests, responding to their requests in a short time. The hotel management system OtelMS has already been used by over 4,000 large and small hotels around the world.