According to the study, conducted by CNN, it is shown that modern travelers pay attention to such aspects as the reputation of the host country, hotel prices and travel safety.

The respondents of the survey choose these criteria as the most important ones when discussing routes for travelling. However, the safety of their staying in a particular place is considered to be number one by 67% of them.

While choosing a hotel for a stopover, travelers pay special attention to its location, the presence of security guards (preferably around the clock), access to the reception desk at any time, parking spaces and entrances to the hotel, with good lighting and CCTV cameras.

Of course, hotels try to ensure the safety and security of guests. At the same time, over 66% of them use outsourcing services, hiring outside firms for such work. But life safety is not the only line of work that hoteliers have to pay attention to in the modern world.

Hotel information systems process a lot of data, including personal data of visitors, their phone numbers, email addresses and credit card accounts. Therefore, this area more often becomes a field for attacks by cyber criminals. 15% of the total number of stolen electronic data by intruders all over the world are in the industry of hospitality.

Hacking into the databases of corporations using SQL code, man-in-the-middle attacks, phishing, sending emails with trigger-happy-viruses that infect hotel system (Trojans are among them) these are a few methods of scammers’ work.

Nowadays hotel needs to hire or have its own security guards to provide safety and peace for its guests, but it is of great importance to equip the hotel with a reliable system that allows to save the data both of its guests and business.

The right choice of "software" used at the hotel will determine the level of safety and security in the whole business. Access control, real-time monitoring and the ability to change basic passwords quickly without being tied to specific devices are guarantees for all aspects including nerves of your guests and their finances.

Today’s market of hotel programs, hotel management systems and other thematic applications is full of a great variety of proposals, and each hotelier can choose the technology for his or her needs.

The hotel management system OtelMS is one of the few reliable ones that meets all needs and requirements of contemporary business. Its use will not only ensure uninterrupted control over the work processes of the point of location or the network, but will also become user-friendly for customers. In addition, the OtelMS management system effectively protects the data from any infiltrations and makes it possible with one click to change all access passwords, saving the information of the business and the customers from any, even the most unexpected encroachments.

Created by successful and experienced hoteliers, this system "understands" all the most important rules and regulations of the hotel. That is why it is among three top sales leaders in Eastern Europe, and it has already been effectively used by more than 4,000 hotels around the world.