Crude Oil, refined products, and natural gas are prone to enormous price swings. In recent years they ’ve fallen from highs to test historic lows and then rise to new highs again. By subscribing to the Kase energy price forecasts Energy Traders, Producers, Consumers, and Investors are able to better understand these market moves and follow trading strategies that will help mitigate risk in the volatile markets.Cheyenne, Wyoming - Kase crude oil and natural gas weekly forecast, are especially meant for people who trade energy commodities and those whose business is directly linked to the prices of energy products. Since the Kase short term price forecasts are based on technical analysis, they provide a very accurate and reliable prediction of the short-term trend direction and strength, price targets, and support and resistance.Kase Technical Analysis Enables Making Timely MovesThe Kase technical analysis, charts, and trading indicators are highly reliable when it comes to timing trades in the market. Traders and investors use technical analysis to make accurate decisions that help mitigate the risks associated with trading in volatile markets. Moreover, Kase natural gas and crude oil technical analysis, including technical trading indicators, precisely inform traders where support and resistance are and where lower risk trades may be entered and exited. Based on this information all market participants, including energy risk managers, can plan their trades and hedges. In this way, the Kase technical analysis and the forecasts based on this analysis, prove very effective in mitigation of risks posed by fluctuations in the prices of energy commodities including natural gas, crude oil, gasoline, and diesel.Kase Weekly Forecasts Allow Making Sound Trade DecisionsKase offers highly accurate near-term natural gas forecast and crude oil forecast through the Kase commentaries, that is studied by the traders and investors to glean information that leads to identifying critical market turning points and probable market behavior. Moreover, the weekly crude oil and natural gas forecast contain important information like whether the market is going up or down, but also if it is in a sideways corrective phase. The information contained in the Kase weekly natural gas and crude oil forecast, including the crude oil & natural gas technical analysis, and the daily updates allows traders, investors, buyers and sellers, marketers, and energy risk managers, make sound trade decisions to best meet their goals and risk appetite.  In this way, by regularly reading the Kase energy market forecast, including the energy price forecast, traders and investors time their entries, place stops, and exit trades in a timely manner. The decisions so made by them are highly accurate and lead to mitigating their losses while maximizing profitsAbout Kase and Company, Inc. Kase and Company, Inc.’s natural gas price forecasts and crude oil price forecasts are published every week, 46 times per year. The forecasts also include daily updates and access to Kase’s one-on-one support as a complementary offering for the subscribers. These technical forecasts clearly convey to readers the probable direction of price movements and strength of the trend. The forecasts are useful for both beginners and veterans of the market to help mitigate their risks and beat volatility.