Accruing scientific and technological advancement, the increasing speed of communications are reflected in all spheres of life in modern society. It particularly refers to the requirements of consumers to products and services, the hotel business is not an exception in this case.

Analysts who have made researches in the hotel marketing activities found out that the rent prices for hotel rooms, the unconventional accommodation and the safety of staying in them are not the “only aspects” modern tourists pay attention to. For example, additional services that the hotel, where they are staying, can provide them with are also of great importance.

Modern travelers are not so worried about a mini-bar in the hotel room, as the opportunity to use hotel Wi-Fi for free in their apartments. Free breakfasts and roomy parking space raise the visibility of hotel ratings to the clients much more than “free delivery of correspondence to the room in time”.

More than 77 % of respondents approve such additional service as a free individual transfer, which allows to avoid trips from the airport or railway station to the hotel by taxi or public transport.

In addition, every third hotel guest pointed out the value of the services like individual tourist programs arrangements at the hotel, and 29% of tourists expressed the desire to have a travel agency office in the hotel. The service, to rent a car without leaving a hotel, is also popular. It was stated by 19% of the respondents.

At the same time, such regular services as a delivery of flowers to the room, concierge’s services and giving different “compliments” to the hotel guests were rated as the most unneeded. The majority of respondents said that there was no need for them. Almost all of the interviewed agree to replace them with services of early departure or late check-in at the hotel.

The main thing that attracts visitors to the hotel is a simple and convenient way of booking it. Nowadays, more and more potential guests do it via the Internet. It means that hoteliers should provide their business with reliable management systems that allow to carry out reservation easily.

Take for example the hotel management system OtelMS, which has, among the other advantages, a user-friendly interface and adapts booking modules to the screen of any modern device from which a reservation of a room is made. It allows guests not to worry about the results of booking and simplifies coordination of this process. Besides it, the successful experienced hoteliers developed the hotel management service that facilitates monitoring process of business and delegates responsibility to employees.

The hotel management system OtelMS, is successfully used in 4,000 hotels around the world and it has shot at the top three sales leaders of Eastern Europe.