Guests vs hotels: rules violators

As soon as a person realized the need to travel regularly, the civilization started working on the task how to make travelling safer and more comfortable.

The industry of hospitality has been constantly evolving and improving itself trying to do its best to provide with maximum comfort and convenience the people who are away from their home. For hundreds of years of its existence, the hotel business should have been placed into the “golden fund” of human occupations. However, modern visitors of hotels, instead of well-deserved tribute to the staff, bring a few problems and worries, consciously breaking the rules of staying at hotels.

The analysts of one of the Russian tourist portals have conducted a sociological survey among the visitors from different countries, who make frequent or regular trips, to find out if they are the people inclined to violate the rules and regulations of hotels.

It turned out, that more than 35% of male guests use hotel pools, being in a state of strong alcoholic intoxication and often come in odd hours. Approximately the same number of women (32%) cause serious damage to things and equipment in their rooms, their frequency of incidents is far ahead of those made by clumsy and "rude" men.

28% of men and 22% of women admitted that they smoke in the rooms, despite the fact that they were booked as non-smoking apartments. About 20% of both sexes could simply take the thing they liked with them without thinking about their theft.

Moreover, 10% of men and more than 3% of women were so impatient and disrespectful to the actions of the staff, that in most cases conflicts turned into fights.

The same number of guests of both sexes, being inattentive, could get into someone else’s rooms, and became the only unintended category of violators.

The analysts have found out that most of the irregularities, accidental or willful, were committed because the guests were unaware of the rules of the hotel where they stayed. Having discussed the problems with the administration of the hotels, where breaking the rules often happens, the analysts point out that the authority admit their fault too, because they have failed to emphasize the importance of following the rules or the regulations, they have not been submitted in the form that is clear and convenient for visitors, so the hotels involuntarily provoked the incidents.

To avoid further incidents, the hotel management had to renounce the use of paper based information of hotel rules, replacing them with the soft copy for guests, automating hotels and using suitable applications of hotel control systems.

It was proved in practice, that a modern buyer of hotel services was able to understand the rules of a hotel and the actions against the hotel policy better, at the time of arrangement of accommodation or hotel booking. Automating hotels and using special programs that provide new, modern and relevant channels of communication between the buyer and seller of services are undisputable points in hotel business.

The modern market of high technologies provides a wide choice of different hotel equipment, special programs and hotel management systems. Some of them become real favorites among hoteliers, that allow them to provide the most reliable management of the business.

For example, the hotel management system OtelMS is a sales leader in Eastern Europe, it is user-friendly and versatile, now it has been successfully used by several thousand hotels all over the world.