Working in a team is an inseparable part of any big business. Exactly, in such branch of industry as hotel business, the success, popularity and profitability depend mainly on the motivation and professional skills of the staff that work there.

A guest, that finds ill-will and low staff qualifications of the hotel will refuse to book an apartment in that place in future. The right motivation is the basis of efficient work, so the owners and the hotel management should create the proper motivation to encourage all staff to reach their maximum potential, work productively to attract customers to stay in that very hotel.

The operation of a hotel is unique, taking into account, different kinds of services it offers to the population. Being responsible for guests and their personal things including valuable ones, servicing the clients, who demand special attention, the staff is constantly under stress. Accumulation of tiredness, exhaustion, overworking in a human’s body could lead to health problems, ”professional burning”, decreasing attention afforded to work and personal life. This is the straight way to depression and nervous breakdown that influences badly the quality of work and viability of activities.

Industry of hospitality demonstrates the importance of creation of comfortable conditions for temporary stay of the guests. This atmosphere of positive feelings of the clients can be established only by the hotel personnel of various services.

Taking care of the members of a hotel team that provide the existence of business, visionary and progressive hoteliers motivate their personnel not only with decent salary or getting intensive bonuses. Intangible assets that the staff get while taking part in different trainings and events on team-building, organized by the hotel administration, also help to improve knowledge for getting promotion at work and build an emotional basis that is necessary for the staff. When the opinion of every employee is considered very important for work by the hotel managers while discussing the tasks, the staff accept their work not only as the way to earn for living, but a chance to be successful at work.

Decent pay, taking into consideration the opinion of every member of a team, training for future promotion, provided by the administration, add value to the work that the staff will be happy to carry out.

However, experience shows that modern working environment is of great importance to supply clients with effective services. It is not possible to organize the work and control the process of it in every sphere without high technologies and software. Chaotic work, late service delivery cannot help the staff to create comfortable and peaceful atmosphere for the guests.

The provision of training and getting new knowledge, economic interests and attention to every employee are not the only factors that influence the development of business. The hoteliers should equip their hotels with reliable software that allows to communicate with different departments, ,deliver the tasks and control their fulfilment as quickly as possible. The hotel management system OtelMS which is popular with more than 4000 hotels in the world and is the leader at the hotels of Eastern Europe can solve the problems in a distance. It was developed by successful hoteliers so it can be a powerful channel for working processes of business and provide the control at different levels, it can defend hotel and clients’ data from criminal and unauthorized actions.