When talking about exotic pairs, we mean a type of currency with specific characteristics in terms of liquidity and negotiation, the currencies of underdeveloped countries or expanding economies. But these economies have no limitations, they are not negotiated in international markets. And although high volatility with high spreads can be a negative factor, they can still offer benefits for those who know how to manage the complexity of their fluctuation. The Argentine peso, the Brazilian real, the Hong Kong dollar, the Turkish lira, the Arab Emirates dirham are part of the exotic currencies. And as noted, this type of currency can offer opportunities that should be taken advantage of, not anyone can trade exotic pairs.  In this case, there are traders who have earned respect within the conglomerate of traders for their versatility and ability to operate with such a complicated system, such is the case of Aaron Caruso who despite being young since he started trading He was interested in the most complicated currencies to make investment and traveled to different parts of the world in order to learn the contexts necessary to understand the currencies and their form of economy, in this way he managed to acquire knowledge that helped him form his first automatic systems that Today they are the most important in the area of ​​exotic pairs.

In 2002 he began to talk through videos about everything he had learned and what his goals were in continuing with this type of trading that is relatively riskier than any other but his words, and telling his experiences entered him into the world of investments as a great means of obtaining money, since by then he had managed to earn thousands just by understanding the economic movement of these currencies. Therefore, several investment companies decided to contact him, some very famous today, but he decided to refuse and continue working on his own as he does today, offering his automatic systems and demonstrating that an independent trader can fend for himself.