There are many web browsers that claim to be the best in the field, but are they really? Speaking of excellent, UC Browser PC can give you what Google Chrome and the mCent browser can. We therefore recommend that you consider downloading UC Browser for PC, Android and other platforms and explain why. UC Browser PC is the most widely used Internet browser in China, India and Pakistan. The developer (UCWeb) claims it as the second most used web browser in Indonesia. And the 4th most used mobile phone browser in the world. If you want to download UC Browser for PC, you can do it through this site: www./ All these statistics are not only due to its good user interface, but also to the fact that it also has a large number of features. In addition to simple web browsing, UCWeb continues to grow rapidly. With 80% of its 3,000 representatives involved in research and innovative work. UCWeb has more than 200 licenses in the field of online and cloud data encryption. This should be reason enough for you to consider downloading UC Browser PC for one of your computer devices. The UC browser was developed by a team of highly dedicated members of the Chinese mobile Internet company "UCWeb", owned by the Alibaba group. It was first launched in April 2004 as J2ME (Java 2 platform, Micro Edition) only. Now in 2019, in the era of powerful smartphones, it is available on almost all platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry. So now you can imagine why downloading the UC Browser software for your device is important. As a co-user of UC Browser PC, it is my most used web browser on both smartphone and desktop computers. It covered just about all my online browsing needs and more. We could list more features that might be useful to you in UC Browser PC but we decided to put them on different articles. This way, you can consult them one by one without feeling overwhelmed. We hope this has been helpful to you. If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to leave a message below. We will appreciate the contributions and constructive questions. Why choose UC Browser? With the download of UC Browser PC, you will get the full set of features you need in a web browser. In addition to simple web browsing, it has an amazing user interface with bright colors and a very elegant design. Here is the list of features and their brief description. Data compression. Data compression records data and reduces your bandwidth consumption. And always helps to access the Web faster. UC Browser PC is doing more rendering and compression work on its server. Similar to the operation of a thin client. Download management. The UC Web browser supports parallel downloads and also includes an Internet download manager. This helps to suspend and resume downloads. The download manager automatically sorts the downloaded data by file type and places it in their respective folders. Cloud. This system ensures that the browser retrieves/sends data from the nearest servers. This makes the data loading process more fluid and faster with their most powerful encoding and decoding algorithm. HTML5. The CPU browser also supports HTML5. This is the latest version of the hypertext markup language with an application cache function in offline mode. UC + Store. The UC + is an open platform consisting of a web application store. This is similar to the Chrome Web Store. Developers can use a supplied SDK to create programs, which can be called up in different usage scenarios. Users can download them to get a more personalized browsing experience. This list is long and includes many other features. It offers general high-end web browser features such as bookmarks, intelligent browser history management and web page sharing on all other social platforms, etc.