Guardian Internet Security 1 Year

Malware Protection

Detects and removes harmful software hiding in your machine.

Behavior-based Detection

Analyzes a program’s behavior in your computer to detect and stop any potential threat.

Advanced DNAScan

Detects and eliminates new and unknown malicious threats in the system. Also, it traps suspected files and quarantines them so that malware does not spread to other areas in your system.


Protects your computer from ransomware that can lock your computer or encrypt your data.


Blocks external threats that try to reach your system over the Internet.

Browsing Protection

Stops you from landing on the websites that might be infected with malicious codes.

Phishing Protection

Blocks fake websites that look like trusted ones. So that it designed to trick you into revealing your personal information.

Data Backup

Helps you back up your data in a secure location. Thus, data can be restored from this backup in case of a ransomware attack.


However, keeps your computer secure from unwanted intrusion attempts or attacks by the hackers.


Also, protects your computer from Trojan horse malware that usually arrives as harmless and legitimate software to fool you.


Spyware is a malware that silently gathers your sensitive information and shares it with the attacker. Thus, Guardian’s anti-spyware blocks such malware.

Adware Protection

Blocks adware from getting installed on your computer. Adware is used to display ads on your computer. While not always harmful, this malware is usually manipulated by attackers to get into their target’s system.

Rogueware Protection

Blocks fake security software called rogueware from getting installed on your computer.

USB Drive Protection

Scans and also cleans your USB drives and prevents any infection from spreading to your PC.

On Demand Scan

In addition to this, scan your computer for malware infections anytime you like.

Trusted Email Client Protection

Generally, you configure a list of trusted email clients, from which you can send emails.

Emergency Disk

Lets you create your own emergency bootable disk. So that will help you clean stringent infection that reappears even after regular cleaning of your computer.

Hijack Restore

Helps you restore the default settings of your Internet Explorer. Still they get modified by any malware.

Track Cleaner

Also, removes traces of browsing history from browsers.

System Explorer

Lets you access important information about your computer, which can help you detect any new malware infections.

Windows Spy

However, helps you analyze an application or process if you suspect it to be spyware or other malware.


Protects Guardian Internet Security’s running processes as well as services.

Password Protection

Thus, protects your Guardian Internet Security with a password to prevent unauthorized users from changing its settings.

Silent Mode

Suppresses prompts as well as notifications from Guardian Internet Security. Hence, without affecting the security level of your system.

Automatic Update (Internet)

Regular and also automatic virus definitions protect your computer from the latest threats.

Offline Update (Through LAN)

If you don’t have Internet connection as well as want to update your antivirus on one or more PC, you can use the offline updater.

Integration with Windows Security Center

Generally, Guardian Internet Security 1 Year is compliant with Microsoft Security Center requirements and guidelines. Thus, this means the product follows the best practices as required by Microsoft to offer protection for Windows.