K7 Antivirus Premium 1 PC-1 Year

AntivirusPowerful K7 Antivirus engine protects you from the latest malware. Hence, by using advanced detection and prevention technology.

Smart Real Time ProtectionHowever, prevent attacks from malicious websites and monitors the network for potential threats.

Anti SpywareK7 Anti-spy engine delivers as well as gives a highly efficient protection against spyware.

USB ProtectionAuto scans USB media for concealed threats and also vaccinates USB devices from getting infected.

Email ProtectionHowever, scan every single mail for hidden malware in the attachments.

Temporary File CleanerRids your PC of the temporary files that were left behind. Thus, by using this tool periodically improves performance.

Virtual KeyboardUse the virtual keyboard on data entry portals. So that it prevent keyloggers from capturing sensitive user data.

Internet temp cleanerK7 Antivirus Premium 1 PC – 1 Year Cleans your system of temporary folders as well as cache left after internet usage.

Easy to use, automatically detects and also removes viruses, Trojans, malwareGenerally, keeps your device safe, secure, protects against malicious virus attacksComprehensive Device ControlZero Day Threat BlockingVulnerability ScannerAlso, enhance Scan EngineNano Secure TechnologyAnti Root Kit DetectionReal Time ScannerUSB VaccinationHost instruction Prevention