Browsing Protection

This web security feature lets you monitor and filter all virus-infected web traffic. However, it is browser independent and has little impact on browsing speed.

Email Protection

Quick Heal AntiVirus for Server 1 Year works as an effective countermeasure against malware threats that use emails for their propagation. Thus, this ensures security compliance for all incoming and outgoing emails of the organization.

Phishing Protection

Quick Heal AntiVirus for Server 1 Year gives effectively blocks fake and fraudulent websites designed to steal sensitive information like login ID as well as passwords, personal details, debit/credit number, banking information, etc.

Data Theft Protection

Generally, with this network security feature, unauthorized external drives can be blocked from accessing any data on the server.


Shields network activity from malicious attacks and eliminate malware before they reach the network. therefore, it comes with the Stealth Mode feature that prevents hackers from tracing your system in a network. So that, IDS/IPS is an added layer of security that detects and also prevents threats which are designed to exploit system vulnerabilities.

Virus Protection

Prevents attacks on your server by continuously monitoring as well as blocking virus infection.


Programs called keyloggers stealthily record what a user types on their computer keyboard, and share the stolen information with the malware author. Thus, anti-Keylogger protects valuable and sensitive data from getting stolen by such programs.