In jobs where computing is seen a lot, such as the administration of a game server, a forum or another, it is required to have a good amount of servers to make a station or any other project comes a pledge that cabinets are necessary or server cabins. There are many sizes and varied, although currently not used much pre-designed models, but rather models with specific measures, and required by the customer. Custom cabinets and cabins, adapted to the measures required by your equipment and more. There are organizations or companies where the creation of server booths is their primary job, cabins with a multi-device charging station, cabins for superior effort servers, exceeding 1.2 tonnes and also IP55 server cabins for fiber projects. Large scale, along with other work as portable cargo. You can get a lot of good information for custom technology design, manufacturing and supply of a wide range of the best server cabinets for sale, rack cabinets, outdoor server cabinets, outdoor cabinets and air-conditioned server cabinets, publicizing its services locally in Africa and beginning to expand internationally with the United States being the first international contact.