These days, a lot of people make use of vacation homes as an alternative to living in hotels while on vacation. And this demand has created a business opportunity for a lot of property owners. It has become a booming industry with the potential of becoming your main source of income. Over the past years, we’ve seen the evolution of the industry. From just a spare room, people are now having their entire property rented catering towards guests. And because of this, a lot of people have expected more on the part of hosts. Vacation Homes 365 helped revolutionize the way hosts cater their properties to guests. Nowadays, there are homes that have been specifically updated and renovated for this purpose. With a team of industry experts, hosts become more confident when it comes to competing against hotels. What Guests Expect From HostsThere are a lot of things that guests expect these days from hosts. Hosts need to make sure that they are going to update their service and also their property. 1.    Self-check-inFirst, one of the biggest differences between hotels and vacation homes is that you don’t have a reception on the latter. You don’t have a receptionist that will give the key if the guests decided to check in late at night. The most efficient solution to this problem is the self-check-in option. What exactly is self-check-in? This allows the guests to just enter the code to enter the premises and to enter the room. The security is code is changed every now and then in order to ensure that the guests are safe on the premises. This allows privacy on the part of the guest as well. It means zero face to face interaction between the guest and the host. 2.    Security features Next, another top priority for the guests today is the security features of the property. It is a must to have locks. However, more than that, hosts should also stick to cameras. Security cameras can make so much difference especially in ensuring that the property isn’t going to be damaged by the guests or by vandals as well. 3.    Screening of guests also helps the hosts to screen the guests. This means that there should be proper documentation on the part of the host. This can help prevent problems. Documents such as passports and identification should be taken by the host for record purposes in case something happens while they are checked in. 4.    CommunicationsLastly, a lot of guests today want their hosts to maintain good communications with them at all times. Maintaining good communications can be challenging for so many reasons. One, it is possible that you actually have work. And two, there are instances when you are already sleeping when the guest asked for something. VacationHomes365 teaches hosts on how to minimize the questions being asked. For instance, you can have instructions posted on the wall on how to use the appliance inside the house. And also, you can have a manual for these instructions. Vacation Homes 365 also makes helps hosts answer questions from the moment that they are looking to book the property to the time that they need some help in the property.